Caught in a dream image

Caught in the Dream

I have talked to so many people lately that feel like they are caught in a never-ending story. It is sort of like the movie, Ground Hog Day, where each day Bill Murray gets up and relives the same events over and over again. Then there is the movie, the Matrix, starring Keanu Reeves, showing the way out of the repetition, by using our minds and emotions to shape-shift the reality we live in.

The world is a hologram (check that out on google!). It is what the native peoples have always asked, “are we living a dream or is the dream living us?” Until we understand that this holographic planet is a projection of all our accumulated experiences, thoughts, words, emotions and actions over all of our lifetimes, we really do not get out off the hamster wheel. Until we can look from above, like the Eagle circling the field looking for dinner, we cannot see where we are caught in our own evolutionary process.

Akashic Record Readings reveal those imprints, and affords one a different perspective, thus enabling them to think, feel and act differently. The benefit of that is that it shifts the world they are now living in, and draws to them different people, places and experiences, thereby getting out of the same story different day type of life. Often times people decide to even do a past life regression, to go into a much deeper and personal understand of the patterns, thus breaking free of the karmic bondage they have themselves trapped in.                             

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